Edison Sailing Center Grants

ATTENTION: CMCS is now accepting grant applications for the 2017 season!

CMCS members are invited to submit grant applications for children, grandchildren, nieces, & nephews, ages 8-15 (birthdays no later than August 31, 2001), for Edison Sailing Center‘s 2017 sailing sessions.  CMCS graciously and generously supports youth sailing through its grant program.

  • After your application is approved, proceed to the Edison Sailing Center’s website before the end of April 2017 to register and sign up for sessions which meet your plans.
  • Marla Parker ( oversees the grant process within CMCS.
  • Stephanie Webb ( is the Edison Sailing Center contact.
  • There is no personal financial information requested.
  • Here’s a link to the all important What Parent and Campers Need to Know!
  • Due to safety considerations – applicants must speak english.
  • Applications are co-approved by CMCS and ESC.
  • During the Summer of 2016, Thirty (30) young sailors experienced the wind on their faces and independence on the water, thanks to CMCS!
  • Here are  links to Edison Sailing Center’s 2017 Class Schedules:
  • Click here to access the 2017 Edison Sailing Center Grant form.

Print the above form, fill it out, and then mail to:

Marla Parker
1510 Braman Ave
Fort Myers, FL 33901

PHONE: 239-910-0554
FAX: 239-332-7826