Membership Information & Application

Some background for prospective members: CMCS has three types of memberships.

  1. Full Membership – also referred to as a Regular Membership. This includes all members of a household. With or without a boat(s) for $125.
  2. Crew Membership – one individual without a boat. Typically people who that crew with a Full Member, or simply enjoy socializing with the club for $75.
  3. Honorary Membership – a person who has done something extraordinary for the club, and our board has determined they should not be required to pay annual dues.

There are no restrictions as to the number of people who may be members of the Society.

Membership Renewal Forms:

If you were a member during 2016, please click here: 2017 Renewal Forms

New Members: including rejoining members that were not members in 2016 (yes  – some people actually come back).  Please contract our Membership Chairperson for a 2017 New Member Form, or pick up a form at one of our Monthly Membership Meetings.

Membership Chairperson:
_____Bev Duff
_____(239) 278-3733
_____3705 McKinley Ave.
_____Fort Myers, FL 330901