April 27th: Indiantown and Pizza

2013-04-27 #01We got away at dawn – out through the Hurricane Gate – and into the great Lake Okeechobee. The largest lake contain completely within one state. This lake is large, wide open, very shallow, with very dirty brown water. The deepest reading I recall was 13-feet. This means as the wind picked up from 10 kts to 17 kts, of course from the direction we were headed, we had quite a chop. We were quite happy to go back into a canal on the Eastern side.

Next stop, Indiantown. This is actually a very nice little marina that caters to cruising sailors. Town is just a couple miles away, and we feasted on some great pizza. This was a very pleasant stop for the evening. We hate to sound like a broken record, but the weather was fantastic!

Tomorrow the plan is to get to the East coast at Stuart, and head up towards Fort Pierce.

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