Vice Commodore of Summerset’s Update

Summerset 2019 is right on track. New Sponsorship Levels at $1000 and $500 have been added to our list of $300, $250 and $100. Sponsorship Material is posted on the Summerset Website and available for downloading.

Offshore Sailing School, Marine Trading Post, and Rice Windows and Doors have already stepped up at the $1000 level. Gulf Marine Ways and Erickson and Jensen have both stepped up at the $500 level. We have a few Shirtsleeve Sponsor- ships in. We are off and running!

Bonita Bills is lined up for the 10/4 Friday Night Skippers Meeting, the Nauti Parrot is all set for hosting our 10/5 Saturday Night Cocktail Party, and Parrot Key Caribbean Grill has set the date aside for hosting our 10/6 Sunday Awards Ceremony.

James Gallagher has confirmed that the on-water format will be the same as it was last year; Buoy Races on Saturday and Distance Racing on Sunday.

Our Artwork has been selected again from Roger Horton’s awesome collection of his paintings and has been posted on the Summerset Website.

This year we will have some unique Skippers Bags that have been donated by West Marine.

We will have had our first planning meeting by the time you get this. Since our Web Guru is going to be traveling this summer, we could use some help in updating our website. If you are interested, please contact Glen Vetter ASAP.