Vice-Commodore’s Update

Help wanted for the Club Development Committee (CDC)

The CDC’s goal is to develop the CMCS leadership(flag officers and committee chairs) and ensure con- tinuity and successful succession planning. Our fo- cus this year is to revisit the documentation of these key positions to ensure that candidates are appropri- ately apprised of the extent of their duties and re- sponsibilities. Are members hesitant to sign up ifthey’re not quite sure what they’re getting them-selves into?

We are looking for at least 2 more participants, out- side of the current directors or flag officers, to join the CDC. We are looking for a diversity of opinion –young or old members, new or long-standing mem-bers, and not just MEN… WOMEN WANTED too!There will be honor and recognition in case of success – and at least we won’t have to endure bit- ter cold…

Please reach out to Jim Slager if interested or if you have further questions. Cheers!

Jim Slager
Vice Commodore