The Society’s Board Members

2016 Flag Officers

Commodore: Don Lawson
Vice Commodore: Elise Missall
Vice Commodore/Summerset: Elise Missall & Eric Milbrandt
Rear Commodore/Cruising: Jean Blessing
Rear Commodore/Racing: Eric Milbrandt
Fleet Yeoman: Kathleen Vance
Fleet Purser: Tom Patterson
Past Commodore: Allen Fiske

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 2015-2016 Directors:

Joe Barch
Paul Corzatt
Larry Jack
George Noyes

2016-2017 Directors:

Bill Cook
Jason Pim
Eric Milbrandt
Russell Vance

Committees Of The Fleet

Annual Yearbook: Wendy Cook
Awards & Recognitions: Rose Ann Hoffman
Chowder Chatter:  Steve Roake
Club Development: Elise Missall
Clubhouse Programs: Diane Fowler
Fleet Recruiter:  Jim Slager
Historian:  Carol Pim
Ladies Bridge Club:  Rose Ann Hoffman & Rose Young
Legislative Liaison:  Jason Pim
Liberty Ashore:  Bev Slager
Public Relations:  Steve Romaine
Sailmates: Diane Fowler
Storekeeper:  Sonny & Connie Ridout
Sunshine Over the Yardarm:  Sigrid Diedricksen
Website Guru:  Glen Vetter

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