July 21st, 22nd & 23rd: Heading to Mount Vernon

The Formal Garden at Mount Vernon

The Formal Garden at Mount Vernon

It has been several days since my last entry, and we have traveled quite a few miles towards Washington, DC. On Sunday, the 21st, it was out the Rappahannock River, up the Chesapeake Bay, around Smith Point, and started up the Potomac River – just over 60-miles. We found a neat little old town tucked way up Brenton Bay called Leonardtown, MD. In 2008 the town built a very nice wharf and waterfront park with a kayak launch, an ecology boardwalk, substantial face dock, and a beautiful grassy area. The town is way up in the bay, and very protected. So many trees one hardly knows there are many people in the area. We anchored out just so we could catch the light evening breeze to keep us cool. The downtown area is an easy walk several blocks up a hill.

Leonardtown is quaint, and the historic county seat of St. Mary’s County, founded in 1660. The town was invaded by British troops during the War of 1812. And also search by Union troops during the Civil War because this area of Maryland was sympathetic to the South.

There appear to be a number of nice little local eateries, but we got in a little too late, and were a little too tired to hike up the hill that evening. Monday morning, Annie and I found a nice little coffee shop. Be aware, if you take your boat here, the beautiful town dock is free, but has no services (water or electricity). One tidbit of history, the theater barge which was featured in the book and musical “Showboat” stopped here in Leonardtown every year.

Monday, the 22nd, we put in another travel day, making 54 miles up the Potomac to Mattawoman Creek, MD. We anchored out next to a state park marina here. Unfortunately, the place is only open weekends, so everything was really quiet.

Today, the 23rd, we had a very interesting day. Only 14-miles and we were at Mount Vernon. We spent most the day being tourists. Mount Vernon is owned and operated by the Mount Vernon Ladies Association. And it appears to be a well organization. If you’re ever this way, it is well worth the admittance. It appears that Martha ran a very well organized plantation as well. George definitely had much to say about how things should generally be run. But, as we know, George also spent quite a few years doing other things. Boy – we could really start talking about U.S. history here. Annie was thrilled that she got to walk along because Mount Vernon is very dog friendly.

This evening we are sipping our evening wine while anchored off Mount Vernon. Life is great!

Leonardtown's New Wharf

Leonardtown’s New Wharf

CAUTION: Fish Traps in Potomac River

CAUTION: Fish Traps in Potomac River

Bald Egals Nesting in the Middle of the Potomac

Bald Eagels Nesting in the Middle of the Potomac

Mount Vernon's Backdoor

Mount Vernon’s Backdoor

The Tomb of George, Martha, and Twenty Three Other Family Members

The Tomb of George, Martha, and Twenty Three Other Family Members

"Freestyle Anchored at Mount Vernon

“Freestyle” Anchored at Mount Vernon


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