June 1st: Calabash Creek, NC

Beautiful Cypress Trees South of Myrtle Beach

Beautiful Cypress Trees South of Myrtle Beach

Saturday the 1st was a run through probably one of the least interesting areas we’ve been through. The ICW runs along the back side of Myrtle Beach. At first the landscape had transitions to beautiful Cypress trees growing right down to the waters edge. But then, we began seeing smaller home, then larger homes, and finally some very large houses. It appears that one building had to out do another in terms of size. Not necessarily in terms of architectural design, but in size.

Then we found we were riding along behind an area of large restaurants, and strip malls. Even an outlet mall. There was absolutely no access for boaters to get to any of these establishments. We only saw the stark backsides of buildings and their trash areas. Not that we wanted to stop or to take pictures.

We traveled about 44-miles today, and anchored for the night at Calabash Creek, right on the North & South Carolinas’ border. This was also right after the scenery became more interesting.


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