June 2nd: Southport, NC

After Annie and I took a short stroll through Calabash, we pulled anchor and made a run of almost 30-miles to Southport, NC. We took a chance and went into the historic harbor to see whether the one “Free Dock” was available. This “Free Dock” is really just one slip. We circled by and there was a 40-foot sailboat already tied up. As we were pulling away, a head popped up and said “We’re leaving in 10-minutes!” Believe me, we can sit and idle 10-minutes for a free place to stay at the best location in town.

Now the slip was probably the ricketiest dock I’ve ever tied up to. But, we will never complain about a gift. The three of us took a long walk, viewing old home, an old seaport area, and an old downtown area.

That evening we had take-out dinner from the Provisioning Company. One steamed shrimp dinner and one crab cake dinner. Very good. We picked this restaurant because it was the busiest in the historic seaport area when we walked about during the afternoon.

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