June 4th: Beaufort, NC

Cruising Friends "Sangaris" in the Early Moring Mist

Cruising Friends “Sangaris” in the Early Moring Mist

Up at 0530. Pulling anchor at 0555. Past the Navy’s boundary station by 0730. If we were not past this station by 0800, we could not continue on North until after noon, or possibly tomorrow. That would be fun.

We found out all this important information from fellow cruiser Scott on “Sangaris”. Thank you Scott!

Other than getting going so early, we had an enjoyable trip to Beaufort – pronounce Bow-ferd in North Caroline. Where as it was pronounced Bue-ford in South Carolina. We got a slip right down town at the Beaufort Docks. This was a great location, with a street full of little shops and restaurants. A nice feature here was that the marina has the free loaner cars. They have two huge 1980’s vintage Buick station wagons. They look like the vehicle Chevy Chase drove in “Family Vacation”. We drove one to the grocery store to do some re-provisioning. The huge vehicle just floated down the road. They just don’t make cars that ride like this anymore. Our kids will likely never know about the really smooth of ride these great big Detroit gas guzzlers.

Tonight was my chance to redeem myself for our “memorable” wedding anniversary evening. So I took Paula to a really nice little restaurant called “Blue Moon Bistro” which is a block away from the tourist trap places, and highly recommended by the locals for my attempt at redemption.

We both had a fantastic meal, and great service in a quaint little place. “Blue Moon Bistro” gets a Vetter 5-star rating. I’d suggest you can order anything on the menu and be happy happy happy. So, Paula got two nights she will always remember for just one anniversary. Hard to beat that!

The Navy's Security Zone

The Navy’s Security Zone

The Security Zone Enforcement Team

The Security Zone Enforcement Team



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