June 6th: Oriental, NC

Casey & Mel at our "Tropical Storm" Party

Casey & Mel at our “Tropical Storm” Party

This was a day to enjoy Oriental with the marina’s loaner car. Paula and I had visited here on a trip by car about 10 years ago. The town seems to have changed very little. One restaurant is gone, and another two have been added. Same little place to buy fresh seafood. A small West Marine. The same nautical shop. The same little coffee shop. Oh yes – lots of nice little marinas with mostly sailboats. It’s just a very comfortable place.

In the evening we got together with another couple we had met at Whittaker Pointe – Mel & Casey – on their very heavily built, and beautiful cruising tug. We called it a “tropical storm” party since tropical storm Andrea was headed our way. One could hardly tell the wind was starting to howl outside while sitting on their really stout boat. Well, it was much easier to tell when we got back to “Freestyle” that night. Winds were 20 to 25 with gusts to 30 that night.

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