June 7th: Andrea


Andrea from Whittaker Pointe Marina’s Lounge

Basically, the big distraction for the day was Tropical Storm Andrea. Frankly, my opinion is that giving names to topical storms is a ploy by the television news channels and weather channel to simply make more money. People become more attached to the idea of following a storm with a name rather than just a random tropical storm. Enough on that topic because here I am using the name “Andrea” my BLOG.

I got up early and tried to get some stuff done on the computer. Well, the boat was bouncing enough that I started getting seasick. Some of you may know that feeling. So, I packed up my stuff and trudged up to the marina’s beautiful lounge. They even have a coffee maker so that made things even better.

After an hour or so, I went back to check on Paula and Annie. Annie was ready for her morning walk, which is important because it immediately proceeds her morning meal.

Meanwhile, Paula is starting to feel seasick. The marina is fairly well protected, but the winds created a pretty good surge in the creek.

Then Annie got sick and would not eat her breakfast. That was a deciding factor.

So, we all three decided to camp out in the marina lounge. Surprisingly, we were the only ones that didn’t think it was important to “tough it out” on an uncomfortably rocking boat. My estimate there were about six people on their boats, half of them rocking more than ours. Why they stayed on their boat, we do not know. But, we pretty much had the beautiful lounge all to ourselves. We even used the marina’s loaner car again to go into Oriental again. My excitement was checking on our dock lines every hour or so, and trying not to be blown right off the dock. A 45 MPH gust does make a person wonder if they weigh enough to keep from being blown away.

The dockmaster came into work for a while, but decided to go home when the power went out. By 6 PM the winds were dieing down. By 7 PM the power came back on. So we headed back to “Freestyle” for a good night’s sleep.

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