June 9th: Broad Creek

Ensign Harbor

Ensign Harbor

There is a very nice coffee shop right across the street from the Oriental free dock, so that was my second stop after about a mile walk around town – with Annie of course. The town was so quiet this Sunday morning that Annie was able to walk off-lead most the time. She sure remembers all her obedience training from years ago.

Next, a visit to The Bean coffee shop. Very good coffee and bagels. The place was packed on this Sunday morning.

After a leisurely morning, we headed out to find a place to anchor on Broad creek. After 13-miles, most of it by sail alone, we found a beautiful spot just across from the Ensign Harbor marina, home of the “Whortonsville Yacht & Tractor Club”. Now you’re probably hope I can provide you with the story that’s got to be behind that club’s name. Sorry – it will just have to be a mystery for now. Even their website has no explanation.

"Freestyle" at Anchor in Broad Creek

“Freestyle” at Anchor in Broad Creek

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