May 14th: Jekyll Island, Georgia

The Jekyll Island Club

The Jekyll Island Club

First – Paula told me to make an update for yesterday’s BLOG entry – last night, as the sun is going down with another beautiful sunset – we heard music. It was Taps, played on a bugle, coming across the water and the marshes from King’s Island Naval submarine base. I’ve got to apologize to the CMCS club members, but this is definitely more stirring than the bagpipes or a conch shell.

Today – with the wind out of the North – we motored up to Jekyll Island. Another very historic place. Probably the most interesting is what they call the “Club Era”. The Jekyll Island club Club officially opened in 1888. Only the rich, make that VERY RICH, and their staff were allowed on the island. They came for the Winter months to escape the harsh Norther weather. There were names like Goodyear, J.P. Morgan, Macy, Hyde, Gould, and other multimillionaires. They had what they called cottages. They look more like mansions to us. These cottages did not have kitchens. Everyone went to the Club for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The entire atmosphere was very exclusive and very social. But, alas, with the Great Depression, the “Jekyll Island Club” went into decline, and finally closed in 1942. Needless to say, Paula, Annie and I spent the entire afternoon walking around, viewing the “Cottages” with amazement.

Fortunately, the dock where we left our dinghy has a little bar with ice cold beer. Now we are sitting here on the hook, waiting for another beautiful sunset. I’m still wondering whether life can be any better than this.

The Crane Family "Cottage"

The Crane Family “Cottage”


Another "Cottage"

Another “Cottage”


A Small "Cottage" with Freestyle's Crew

A Small “Cottage” with Freestyle’s Crew


The Effect of a Seven Foot Tide

The Effect of a Seven Foot Tide


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