May 15th: Fort Frederica, Goergia

Fort Frederica's Dock Just After Our Escape

Fort Frederica’s Dock Just After Our Escape

An easy run of about 17-miles. We are not in a big hurry here. Find an interesting place to stop, and we stop. After a lazy morning start, and a mid-day fuel stop – it’s been six days since we last purchased fuel – we found an out-of-the-way little stop at a small, long abandoned British fort. The first photo here shows what they call the boat dock. Unfortunately, one can only get to the dinghy dock a couple hours before and a couple hours after high tide. The was just enough time for a short walk before the low tide would have trapped us on shore. Like the age old saying says, “Time and tide waits for no man.”

The Georgia coast is a complete labyrinth of rivers, creeks, islands, and sounds with miles and miles of marsh land. People can drive out to a few of the larger islands, but most are isolated and uninhabited. The weather has been beautiful, and you can understand why the ultra-rich came here at one time to escape into their own private little world.

Anchored Amoungst the Marshes

Anchored Amoungst the Marshes

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