May 16th: Darien, Georgia

Darien's Shrimp Boats

Darien’s Shrimp Boats

Annie and I got up and walked around the ruins of Fort Frederica this morning. That good old British General Oglethorpe found the fort in 1736 – forty years before the Revolutionary War. This is the same James Oglethorpe that essentially founded the colony of Georgia back in 1732. He was a man that was way ahead of his time. As a member of the British Parliament working on a committee for prison reform, he formulated the idea of taking British people from debtors prison and going to America to start a colony. Fort Frederica and Savannah Georgia were the primary sites he founded. Oglethorpe had also arranged to have slavery banned in Georgia. I’m not sure what happened with that. Unfortunately, few British debtors wanted to go. But, a large group of Scottish Highlanders came and settled in Darien Georgia.

Consequently, after we ran 17-miles up the ICW today, we took an eight-mile detour to Darien Georgia. Looks like Oglethorpe was a busy guy, because he laid out this town and built a fort here too. Of course, this is where those Scottish Highlanders came to settle. Well, we could go on for quite a while about James Oglethorpe, but let’s not.

Today, Darien is an neat little fishing town. The big industry seems to be shrimping. As you can see from the picture, they have as many shrimp boats here as in FMB. Also, there’s a small city dock where they don’t charge anything for the first two nights stay. Pretty cool! So, Paula and I went to the local Skippers Fish Camp for a couple cold ones and dinner. Paula’s crab cakes were excellent, and my BBQ was great. I think we’ll easily spend our 48-hours here.

Little Remains of  Fort Frederica

Little Remains of Fort Frederica

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