May 19th: Kilkenny, Georgia

Scenic Kilkenny Marina

Scenic Kilkenny Marina

A long day’s run, 44-miles from Darien to Kilkerry, Georgia. Not much of interest to see along this section of the ICW. Even this little town of Kilkerry is disappointing after having such a good time in Darien. There is a small marina with high prices because it is a good stopping point for the large fuel eating yachts, and they typically want to stay in a marina. We had hopes because the town is off most of the cruising charts. But, there is very little here. We anchored on the bend just beyond town. Weather is overcast with occasional light showers. It should be a good night for sleeping. Looks like Verizon doesn’t think much of Kilkerry either – no bars, and definitely no broadband internet. I am also not sure the guy working in the marina (this places only active business from what I could see) liked Kilkenny either. He wasn’t rude. He just seemed to not have any personality. Finally, with no internet access, this entry will just have to wait ’till tomorrow.

Just for your personal future reference — if you decide to build your own floating dock, like shown in the Kilkenny Marina photo — do not use recycled 55-gallon plastic drums.  Your dock will rock so bad that anyone with questionable balance will find your dock unusable.

Annie Gets a Head Start on Her Night's Sleep

Annie Gets a Head Start on Her Night’s Sleep

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