May 25th: Beaufort, South Carolina


A Section of Beaufort's Waterfront Park

A Section of Beaufort’s Waterfront Park

Today was a little blustery and cool, yet nice enough for a 17-mile run up to Beaufort, SC. Just before arriving we passed by Parris Island Marine training camp. This brings back memories from the 1960’s. Guys going into the Marines all seemed to go to Parris Island for their basic training.

We anchored right off the city docks, with just a short dinghy ride into town. Today we opted for a walking tour. During the Civil War, the Union took over Beaufort early in the war. Like Savannah, Beaufort was not burned during Sherman’s March to the Sea. Therefore, many of the beautiful old home are still in tact. The city has done a marvelous job of creating a wonderful park along the historic waterfront, with numerous little restaurants and shops.

Parris Island

Parris Island






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