May 27th: Whiteside Creek

"Freestyle" on the ICW

“Freestyle” on the ICW

It was an interesting day to say the least. The early morning was fairly normal. But, we started noticing more and more people in small power boats just driving like crazy. They never seem to care which side they passed you on. They would zigzag all over the channel. Then we realize – IT WAS MEMORIAL DAY! The closer we got to Charleston, the crazier it became.

We made a fuel stop at a HUGE mega yacht marina in Charleston. BIG MISTAKE. First, Paula claims she had to walk Annie 3-miles just to get to dry land (a possible exaggeration, but close). Second, during Memorial Day, a popular pastime seems to be driving ones little powerboat (little compared to the yachts parked around us) real close to those impressive mega yachts. A nice feature is that the fuel dock attendant drove you to their office to pay your bill in a golf cart. Getting off the fuel dock was like merging onto the Interstate in an urban rush hour.

The mega yachts were of course, too smart to venture out on such a crazy day. Too much of a liability risk if one would accidentally (and unavoidably) run over a little powerboat.

We got just North of Charleston right after low tide – a full moon low tide. As we are puttering along the old ICW in the Memorial Day rush hour, we notice the depth is getting to be less than 7-feet. Not too shocking for us from the West coast of Florida. Suddenly, the 46-foot Beneteau just ahead of us came to a sudden stop. As we slowed to pass, he asks whether we could give him depth readings as we proceed (and he proceeds to become unstuck). I asked what depth he needed. He says 6-feet! Well, within the next quarter mile we saw less than 5′ 6” three different times. He finally decided to wait for the incoming tide, and a couple more feet of water.

That evening, 10-miles out of Dodge, we also caught up with our friends Michael & Lori on Cheshire. They had left Tom Point Creek about an hour earlier than us. Tonight, both Cheshire and Freestyle are anchored in Whiteside Creek. We got together for cocktails on Cheshire. They are really a great couple. Full-timers on a Gemini. If they ever come to Fort Myers, they’re invited to one of our CMCS get-togethers.

All the crazy people seemed to have gone home, for tomorrow – I am told – is a “work day”. How quickly one forgets. Time for another serene evening in a serene little anchorage.

Oh yes, I never mentioned, we have our cockpit bug screen all up, as you may have seen in prior pictures. A near necessity through Georgia and South Caroline so far. It helps with the serenity.

Today’s pictures are compliments of Lori on “Cheshire”.

Full Moon Over Stati

Full Moon Over Station Creek

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