May 30th: day-2 in Georgetown, SC

CMCS Member Steve and the Crew of "Wind Dance"

CMCS Member Steve and the Crew of “Wind Dance”

Today was a “work on the boat” day. I had been seeing just a little black soot in the engine compartment. All of a sudden there is a lot of black soot. Something that shouldn’t be there. We got a local Diesel mechanic, Jim Johnson, to come take a look. At first he thought is was just a faulty exhaust gasket. But, when he started cleaning up the two exhaust flanges, he found one side was cracked half way around. If the flange had parted while we out in the secluded areas of the ICW, we could have had a real problem. The part is on order, and the overnight shipping will make this a very valuable piece of equipment. My fun project was cleaning the engine compartment.

Annie thinks everything is great because she’s getting some nice long walks around town. Big oak trees with squirrels. Lots of friendly people that pet her.

OMG – Look who just pulled in across from us! It’s CMCS member Steve on “Wind Dance”. Apparently, Steve was looking at this BLOG, and the timing was right for his journey, so here he is. Steve has two crew members with him. His son-in-law Armand, who took some months off from school to go on this sailing adventure, and maybe figure out what he wants to do with his life (most of us can remember going through that when we were young). And, Steve’s good friend Duncan – ex-IBM’er – ex-restauranteur – currently a “boat bum”. Join the club! We’re not sure Steve and Duncan are helping Armand, because Armand is thinking this may be the life for him.

As we head out for dinner, Paula and I give Steve and crew our high rating for WildFish Grill. Plus, tonight was their Grand Opening. We had been there for the pre-opening (must have been Paula’s good looks that got us in). Here is where we made a mistake. We decided to try a different restaurant called Buzz’s Roost. Buzz’s Crab Balls specialty was very tasty, and would get a high rating if we had not had to send the first order back (both we and our waitress felt they should not be a dark dark brown color with a slightly charred taste). The rest of our food was very good, though extremely slow at getting out of the kitchen. Meanwhile, as we strolled back to the boat, we found the crew from “Wind Dance” was having an excellent meal at WildFish Grill.

Finally, I remembered to take a few pictures! I must also add, all the people have been simply wonderful. We are really getting a feel for the meaning of “Southern Hospitality”. Paula especially likes all the “Yes Mams” and “Yes Sirs”.


The Dogs Get HUGE Servings at Buzz's Roost

The Dogs Get HUGE Servings at Buzz’s Roost


View-1 of Georgetown

View-1 of Georgetown


View-2 of Georgetown

View-2 of Georgetown


View-3 of Georgetown

View-3 of Georgetown


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