May 3rd: New Smyrna Beach in a Gail

Really bad weather in the forecast for this afternoon, so we got away early. At about 11:00 the heavy winds hit. Quite a few gusts over 30 knots, with one I saw go up to 38 knots! Freestyle just took it in stride. Before the really heavy rains hit, we got tucked away into New Smyrna Beach City Marina. Very nice little marina with floating concrete docks. We bobbed around a little, but felt very secure despite the torrential rains and winds that they claim had topped 44 knots.

For a short video, click here –> 2013-05-03

We were just talking that we’ve never experienced a storm like this over on the West coast of Florida. That is unless it had a name. In fact, in all our years of boating, we’ve never gone through this much wind and rain. Dumb luck I guess. Hope you enjoy the little video taken with an iPad Mini from our cockpit.


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