May 5th: Captain’s Bait & BBQ

2013-05-05#1We were a little slow getting away from NSB this morning, but “all’s well that end’s well”, and the day ended well. We were hoping for a favorable wind that would help us along, but instead we got a NW wind, and if you look closely at you road atlas you’ll see that the Florida coast runs NNW. Therefore, we once again motored the whole way.

We got clear up past Marineland and Palm Coast to a little park with a boat ramp called Bing’s Landing. Interestingly enough, there was an establishment located there, like right in the park, called Captain’s Bait & BBQ. Well, the place was really busy, and a couple guys fishing off the pier said the BBQ was great. So, being adventurous we gave it a try. Believe it or not, this may very well be the best BBQ in Florida. Didn’t try the bait, so we can help you with that information. Plus, Annie gave the little park 4-stars. You guessed it, they had big oak trees with lots of squirrels.2013-05-05#2

Unfortunately, just like most boat ramps, you can not stay overnight. Therefore, we headed back down to Palm Coast, found a nice cove in the subdivision, and settled in for the night.

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