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Why have dues increaser?
The plain and simple reason why CMCS dues have increased is that CMCS no longer has excess financial reserves to subsidize everyone’s membership payments. Therefore, we must go back to members paying their fair share. This action is part of a plan initiated back in 2011. Here is the full explanation from our Commodore, Sandy Canning.

The last Board of Director’s meeting was one in which a proposed 2018 budget was developed and dues set for next year. A little history first, before launching into what was accomplished: In 2011 CMCS had approximately four times the annual operating budget in its bank accounts. It was decided at that time that, as a 501C(7) Club, best practices were to reduce the reserve to two times the annual operating budget. To do that, dues were reduced and some activities were subsidized to allow our membership to enjoy the excess. We have been enjoying those activities for several years now and just this year achieved a reduction to that two times level. We have also had a reduction of membership numbers since 2011, accelerated the reduction.

That brings us to the Board meeting Sept. 18, where the Board had to make some big decisions on what action to take. We can not continue to operate at a deficit. The options discussed at the Board meeting were to cut some of the Club’s programs to reduce expenses, raise dues enough to maintain all of our great programs, and ways to find cost savings. Already this year, anticipating this financial situation, we have cleaned out our storage unit and moved to a smaller, less expensive unit. Our Racing Commodore, James Gallagher, kindly offered the use of his conference room for Board meetings next year at a zero cost. So, the good news is, it was decided by the Board that with a nominal dues increase, $20 a year for General membership and $10 a year for Crew membership, we are going to be able to keep all of the great events and parties our membership has come to expect. That’s less than the cost of 5 cups of Starbucks spread over the full year! And we are making plans for some new, fun activities too. Things like actually MARCHING (you know, as in the M in CMCS!) in the Cape Coral night parade. Your dues allow us to continue to operate. We have to pay for our meeting room, activity rooms and insurance. While hearing something is going to cost more is never good, I hope everyone can appreciate that the Board and I want this Club to continue to be fun and a group you want to belong to – and it is still a bargain.

CMCS has two types of memberships:
  1. Full Membership – also referred to as a Regular Membership. This includes all members of a household. With or without a boat(s). Cost: $145.
  2. Crew Membership – one individual without a boat. Typically, a person who races with a Full Member, or a who simply enjoys socializing and perhaps day-sailing. Cost: $85.

There are no restrictions as to the number of people who may be members of the Society.

New Members:

Including rejoining members that were not members in 2017 (yes  – some people actually come back).  Please contract our Membership Chairperson for a 2018 New Member Form, or pick up a form at one of our Monthly Membership Meetings. The reason for not having an online New Member payment process is that we actually like to meet and talk to our new members.

Membership Chairperson:
Bev Duff
(239) 278-3733