Saturday – August 10th: Crisfield, MD

Two reasons we came here. First, the cruising guide made it sound interesting. Second, the marina here had non-Ethanol gas, which make my outboard very happy. Ethanol slowly dissolves the inner rubber components on older small engines. Crisfield has the only marina in Maryland with non-Ethanol gas.

Well, we got our gasoline for the outboard. And, the town was interesting, but quite a downer after St. Michaels and Oxford. It appears Crisfield was having difficult times before the economic downturn. Now things looked even worse.

Developers have built half-a-dozen seven story condo buildings here which now appear to be almost completely empty. The marina was very nice, but only about 25-percent occupied. As we walked downtown, over half the stores were unoccupied. No tree lined streets with beautiful old homes. In fact, very few trees. Near the center of town is a good sized parking lot with bleachers along two sides. We had to ask – and the answer is that this is where they held the National Hard Crab Derby. I just never realized that racing crabs was a national event.

Time to move on.

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