Sunday – August 11th: Mill Creek off of the Great Wicomico River, VA

Tangier Island

Tangier Island

We got a late start this morning due to buying our gas and walking around Crisfield. Our route back over to the Western Shore took us through another very interesting little town call Tangier Island. When I say through Tangier, I meant literally right through the middle of the town. A channel goes right through town, and appears to be its main thoroughfare. Watermen, through the years, have build piers in the shallow water with their work sheds on the piers, with no connection to the small amount of land here. On the land there is a church, houses and a store. On land people get about in golf carts, but activity seems to center around the water.

On across Chesapeake Bay we headed for the Great Wicoico River, but don’t ask us why it is “Great”. There are certainly many larger and longer rivers, like the Potomac. We also quickly took a left turn and headed up Mill Creek.

We headed up Mill Creek to what turned out to be a beautiful anchorage right by a vineyard. Unfortunately, we had not planned very well. We arrived at 5 PM, and the vineyard had closed at 4 PM, not to open again until Wednesday.

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