Sunday – August 18th: Coinjock, NC

We ran 32-miles down the Virginia Cut to Coinjock, NC. The cruising guide warns you to stay in the middle of the channel. There are many submerged stumps and logs along the shore. There are also a number of oxbows where the chart displays multiple wrecks and shallow water. We also passed several tugs pushing barges. These were always good for excitement in the narrow channel. Especially when we came upon a barge that ran aground and was positioned diagonally across the channel. He had just come out of a wooded area, and the cross-channel wind pulled his barge right over into shallow water. As we approached, we watch him pull back out, get started going forward again, and then a gust of wind pushed the bow right over into the bank. Mother Nature was simply not working with him today. We waited there, watching him unsuccessfully attempt the maneuver again. He then called on the radio to tell both us and another to go ahead and pass. We’re sure he eventually got going again.

Coinjock – another little town with an interesting name. Well, I can’t say we ever saw a town. Just a marina, a few house scatter along the canal, and a bridge.Residents suggest the name Coinjock is of Native American origin referring to mulberries, which might have been prevalent in the area many years ago. There seem to be no mulberry trees there now, so who knows.

The specialty at the restaurant was a 32-ounce prime rib steak. Paula and I split one. It was very good, and very very filling. Ya – we too can’t believe we ate the whole thing.

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