Sunday – September 15th: St. Augustine, FL

Grilling Steaks on the Jacksonville Free Dock

Grilling Steaks on the Jacksonville Free Dock

The weather is getting a little warmer as we work our way South. Not sure it is because we are getting further South, but rather that the we are just having a warmer cycle of weather. Friday we tied up at a very nice Jacksonville, FL municipal dock. We had water, but no electricity. The nice thing was – it is free.

Saturday we sailed on down to St. Augustine where were took advantage of a “two days for the price of one” special at the Municipal Marina. When we called for a reservation, the marina warned us about a BIG concert Saturday night. A group called Munford & Sons. The city had gone all out. As well as the concert, the city set up two additional smaller venues downtown with local bands. Best we could tell, not as many people showed up as the city had expected. But, this sure made it nice for us. We walked around, listened to these pretty good bands, and had a relaxing evening.

As for Munford & Sons – we heard that the concert was great. I still don’t know what this Munford & Sons group sounds like. We were told if you would like British people playing Bluegrass on banjos, and lyrics that consist of yelling “HEY”, they’re for you.

Sunday we had a great time with my sister Val and her long term partner Steve. We had a great lunch at O.C. Whites. Paula’s Portobello Mushroom and Crab, and my Garlic Shrimp over Pasta were both excellent. We then proceeded to walk all over this great historic city.

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