Sunday – September 8th: Isle of Hope, GA

Wow – what a busy day. First, an 18-mile run to Isle of Hope Marina. Then, snag the marina’s loaner car. Drop Paula off at the Super WalMart – definitely NOT her favorite place to shop, but they have everything in one store. Then I run over to West Marina – a very nice but expensive place to shop. The big item today – a new hot water heater. I have heard from a couple of people that these marine hot water heaters only seem to last a half dozen years. The aluminum tanks corrode through and you get a nice supply of hot water in your bilge. In fact, your whole fresh water tank can empty into the bilge if you don’t catch it. Fortunately, I caught the leaking quickly.

My afternoon was then spent with my head down in an aft compartment removing an old, and then installing a new hot water heater. SUCCESS! We can once again take warm water showers while anchored out. One of my mates requirements.

While running around in that loaner car, we stopped for lunch at a really good little Mexican place just a couple miles from the marina, called Jalapenos. We ate there last time we stayed at Isle of Hope, and it is definitely worth repeating.

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