Thursday – August 22nd: Oriental

Michael & Lori

Michael & Lori


From Belhaven, we headed down to Oriental, NC. This is our third stop here. Something must be calling us back. Unfortunately, the free town dock is full – it is only big enough for two boats. That is OK, because it is going to be a little warm tonight, and we will sleep better with the boat pointed into the breeze out on the hook.


Currently, the unfortunate situation here in Oriental is that they now have four derelict boats now making their home in Oriental’s small harbor. For those of you that may be unfamiliar with the concept of a “derelict” boat, I’ll try to explain. Occasionally, these boats are occupied by someone that has had a temporary financial problem. But, typically they are occupied by someone that always has a financial problem. Their boats do not ever go anywhere because they can not, and the occupants have no plans to ever go anywhere. Very few components of these boats function properly, including engines, sails, sanitation systems, or insurance policies. Come to think of it, the people on these boats tend to not function acceptably in society. Kind of a trend you could say. Not the type of people we enjoy being around, so we only spent one night at Oriental.


Friday morning we had the great luck to hook up with our good cruising friends Michael & Lori on Cheshire. Cheshire is also a Gemini catamaran. You may recall that we met in mid-May at Darien, GA. They are “full time cruisers”. Definitely NOT a derelict boat. We had breakfast at the Bean together before heading out Friday morning.


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