Thursday & Friday – August 8th & 9th: Oxford, MD


After Lunch & Ice Cream at “Schooners” with Pat & Mark

We spent a couple more days in Oxford, waiting out a string of Small Craft Advisories (gusts to 25 which usually means 30) and enjoying the town. There was a two hour window Friday when the Advisory was lifted. Would have been just enough time to get out into open water before wind gusts would fill in. If we had to have moved, we could have. But why go when your in such a nice place.

Hey – Thursday the 8th, our friends Mark & Pat from Illinois called us from Schooners (the Schooners here in Oxford, not the Schooners in Illinois). They had been on their boat “Catrina” over in Annapolis, and had driven over here in their truck to check things out. Stopped for lunch at Schooners, looked out and saw “Freestyle” anchored in the creek, so called. They were surprised we were still here, but had not been watching the Small Craft Advisories while they hung out in Annapolis. What a pleasant surprise!

Friday we walked over to the park located on the Tred Avon River, and watched the finish of an Annapolis to Oxford regatta. Pretty cool. A lot more pure racing boats than we get in Southwest Florida. Their coarse was mostly downwind, so they were happy with the wind gusts.

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