Thursday – September 19th: Manatee Hole at Stuart, FL

A Skinny Rainbow as we Sail Down the ICW

A Skinny Rainbow as we Sail Down the ICW

Hey – we found our way out of Campbell Pocket! It wasn’t easy. The guy at the State Park Marina – officially called a harbormaster – gave me directions. But, they certainly did not work. For sure, both Garmin and NOAA’s charts don’t show half the marks (a mark is either a floating buoy or pole with a distinctive sign on it) we saw. As they say, we felt our way out. Enough about that.

News flash – no more marsh grass. OMG – we got soooo tired of seeing marsh grass. Not that mangroves are wonderful, but mangroves are better than marsh grass (just a personal opinion).

Today’s sailing was a little bit better in that the gusts only got up to 23 knots. The rains were also lighter. But, in the afternoon the wind clocked around to the South just enough that we could no longer sail. If you have no clue what I’m talking about when I say “the wind clocked”, just chalk it up as one more thing that is part of sailors’ secret society.

For tonight we are snuggled into “Manatee Hole” at Stuart. A neat little harbor with several marinas and quite a few very nice homes. Protected all around. And, the weather is down right cool for September in Florida. This should be another great night on the hook.

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