Tuesday – September 17th: Titusville, FL

We’re now down to Titusville. We had been moving along nicely today with a 12-14 knot Easterly breeze. Then suddenly, about 1400, like someone flipped a switch, we have a gusty 25-knot wind. We did get to Titusville about an hour earlier than planned. And, a bit more tired than expected, but it’s fun to scoot along at 7+ knots. The downside is that we were scooting through a very narrow ditch cut straight as an arrow through “Mosquito Lagoon” – a body of water that is 1 to 3 feet deep. No room for error or your removing a layer of bottom paint. You must also imagine the wicked chop that kind of wind creates on water that is that shallow. Quite enough excitement for this sailor.

The anchorages here are wide open with no wind protection, so we opted for a slip at the Titusville Municipal Marina. Again – we’re in that stretch of Florida where there just isn’t a heck of a lot of interest, and hardly a comfortably protected anchorage. This was a major factor years ago in our decision to located in Southwest Florida.

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