The Caloosahatchee Marching and Chowder Society

Winner of US Sailing’s 2012 Outstanding Organizational Support Award

Here is a brief summary of this very active sailing club’s activities:

  • Up to sixteen cruises every year. Cruises range from weekend events to two week extended jaunts. Check out our Cruising Schedule under the Cruising drop-down menu.
  • Eleven race events every year. There are a combination of buoy races and off-shore races. Check out our Club Racing Schedule under the Racing drop-down menu.
  • Besides our monthly socials / meetings, the club hosts several additional social activities throughout the year.
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Guests are always welcome to one of our casual monthly socials / meetings at 6:30 PM on the third Tuesday of every month (except January) at the Cape Coral Yacht Club, 5819 Driftwood Pkwy., Cape Coral, FL. (No dress codes here.)  To learn more about CMCS, simply, scroll down on this page to view our online journal (BLOG).  You may also go to About Us for additional links, or email us by going to Contact Us.

USSailing LogoIn 2012 U.S. Sailing recognized CMCS with the Outstanding Organizational Support award.  The award is given annually to an individual or organization that has made notable contributions to promote public access sailing in the development and organization of sailing programs.  In addition, CMCS member Ross Webb won the Excellence in Instruction award for his work with the Edison Sailing Center.

In the Marine News

Can you spot what is wrong with this picture?

09 Apr 17
Hi Glen;

Fun info for you!

I will be back from the Mid-East in June. 
Hello to all.

Capt Brad
On 29 Mar 2017 Invincible's bridge team spotted a turtle in trouble. A large turtle was badly entangled in nets and fishing line. 
With no pending operations we immediately commenced "Turtle Ops." - rescue that turtle!

The bow thruster was brought online and the ship was maneuvered to bring the turtle alongside and onboard. 
Invincible's personnel - Crowley, US Navy Security, USAF and Raytheon, responded and carried out this rescue.

With the turtle onboard, via the side port, the nets and fishing lines were cut away. The no longer distressed turtle was released back overboard.

The quick response of the ship's crew to a life in distress and the maneuvering of the vessel to facilitate the safe shipboard recovery of a life, albeit a turtle, is indeed a demonstration of an unannounced Man Overboard rescue.

Invincible's diligent crew and teams responded beautifully as a cohesive unit.

Add this to the list of many things that make SIU members awesome. Our people help save turtles – deftly and...

Posted by Seafarers Log on Friday, March 31, 2017
Thank you, Regards, Capt. Bradford Collins Master, USNS Invincible, T-AGM 24 UNIT 100460, Box 1 FPO-AP 96668-4041 (757) 443 8448/9

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